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About Us

Global Laboratory Accreditation Board non-profit, public service organization with a scheme of Conformity Assessment Body’s accreditation which involves third-party assessment of the technical competence of testing including medical and calibration laboratories. We are key players in ensuring the safety and quality of goods and services and thereby protecting the environment. We are recognised as associate member in ILAC and APLAC and soon to fulfil ILAC MRA


Accreditation is a third party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out the tasks of conformity assessment. Accreditation is made available to different conformity assessment bodies namely Testing & Calibration Laboratories, Medical / Clinical Laboratories, Certification & Inspection Bodies and Bodies Operating Certification of Persons. Accreditation assures impartiality, credibility and transparency of conformity assessments

Benefits of accreditation

Accreditation, with its many potential benefits for the quality of goods and in the provision of services throughout the supply chain, underpins practical applications of an increasingly wide range of activities across all sectors of the economy. “Accreditation is essential for the correct operation of a transparent and quality-oriented market.”Accreditation can provide competitive advantage and facilitate access to export markets, in addition to acting as a catalyst to raise standards and institute improved work practices.

Accreditation schemes

ISO/IEC 17025- Chemical, Biological, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Thermal etc.
ISO 15189- Clinical Medical laboratories

Organisation Structure

GLAB’s personnel are scientist with a passion for working with accuracy and getting things right first time. Our assessors are skilled in laboratories management system. They know how important it is to have effective systems in place to give confidence to laboratory owners and their clients.

Our technical experts are specialist in their fields of testing. They know the science behind the test you perform and bring a wealth of practical laboratory experience to our assessments. Our management and assessor personnel are well experienced in accreditation operations and laboratory assessment and our technical assessors are respected professionals in their individual fields.

We have the assessment staff with several years of laboratory experience with rigorous assessments. We ensure that each laboratory receives an assessor who is fully competent enough for the scope of accreditation and suitable for type and size of the organization.

Route to accreditation

Step 1: To apply for accreditation, please complete the application form relevant to your application.The Form lists in detail the supporting information that you are required to submit with your application, including your Quality Manual and proof of legal status, in order for it to be processed without delay. The Application Fee must also be paid at this time. Upon receipt of the application, you will be allocated an Accreditation Manager, who will assign an assessor. The assessor will review the documentation and guide you through the process of gaining accreditation. They will also discuss the composition of a proposed assessment team with you, that will be best placed to technically assess your organisation.

Step 2: Your assessor will guide you through the process and agree timescales for key milestones. A pre-assessment is an informal visit to determine how ready you are for accreditation. A pre-assessment visit is optional, but it can be a valuable step in the process to reduce delays in gaining accreditation. This visit addresses the scope of accreditation requested and will normally involve between 1 man-day work. It is designed to confirm your organisation's readiness for full assessment. The assessor will provide you with a quotation for the work involved and a report on the findings of the pre-assessment following the visit.

Step 3: Once you have addressed any issues raised during the pre-assessment visit, the initial assessment is the first formal assessment. This will be conducted by the Lead Assessor supported, as necessary, by technical assessors with the expertise to cover your scope of application. The length of the visit will depend upon the scope of application requested. The visit will comprise of the activities like but not limited to

  • An opening meeting will take place to agree the arrangements.
  • The assessment will involve a detailed review of company records.
  • Interviews will take place with staff and managers, as well as witnessing of key activities.
  • A full vertical and horizontal audit will take place.
  • A de-brief of the visit and any findings will be discussed at a closing meeting.
  • GLAB will provide a full report immediately following the assessment visit. This will detail any findings or improvement actions identified against accreditation requirements. The assessment team will make a recommendation at the closing meeting.

Step 4: If any findings, you will have approximately 8 weeks (this may vary but will be agreed with your assessor) to provide suitable evidence to your assessor that they have been addressed. Once any mandatory findings have been satisfactorily cleared, the assessor will submit their recommendation to the accreditation manger. Following ratification of the decision to grant accreditation you will be notified in writing. You will also receive a certificate of accreditation, and a schedule defining the scope will be made publicly available on the GLAB website.